Routine consultations are an empathy-centered, straightforward approach to health rooted in modern life.

Routine is founded on a belief that nutrition education is a form of health care. Learning how your body works and how food works in the body can feel very protective and empower you to make informed choices about your body, nutrition and lifestyle.


"Selena helped me explore my personal holistic needs. Together we were able to dive into creating best practices that fit my lifestyle. Selena is very knowledgeable and professional.I felt safe, and by the end of our sessions, we could identify and get to the root of my concerns."

                   -F. Adeso., Los Angeles

Routine consultation in five words-Thorough, knowledgeable, kind, deep listening. Selena's simple solutions made the medicine I needed palatable.

                     -D. Hasif., New York

"I am thoroughly impressed by the detailed nutritional clinic grocery list/recipe document shared in our earlier sessions. I currently use this as my everyday food guide and an integral part of my roadmap to wellness. It's inspiring to see the thoughtfulness behind your teachings which ultimately reinvigorated me to start making my meals again :) Routine sessions are flawless. Health education is your life's calling because your practice is effortless, Selena.
I can't thank you enough for your guidance throughout my wellness journey."

                      -M. Annece., Jamaica

My promise

To help you feel seen and heard

To help you connect to your body
in a unique and meaningful way